Friday, December 24, 2010

My new responsibility as CEO of Alcor Foundation

After an exhaustive set of interviews and background checks, the board of directors of Alcor Life Extension Foundation have given me the position of CEO, starting January 1, 2011. This is a challenging and exciting opportunity, especially since it's a kind of return -- I started a cryonics organization (with several friends) in England way back in 1986.

The official announcement is here: Alcor blog


KittyAntonikWakfer said...

Wow! We (husband Paul Wakfer, friend David Jackemeyer and I) were just talking about you. I looked up what you were doing these days since you had terminated the Extropy Institute. I checked your blog; surprise is an understatement at what I saw for today's entry and then read to the two of them.

Since I and Paul have been signed with Alcor since Dec 2005 - after our individual experiences with CryoCare in the 90s - we are pleased to see you take on the job as CEO. We are not pleased with Alcor's use of funds these past years and had been seriously debating (almost decided) not to pay our dues this year, increased now and to be again next year. But we will likely now go ahead and pay again to see how things work out next year with this major change of leadership.

So welcome aboard, Max. We hope that you will succeed at making Alcor an at least more financially sound and cost-effective organization at promoting cryonics and processing cryopreservations. Paul says:
"Don't take orders from the board which tends to want to micro-manage everything. However, from my memory you are a person who can resist this. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know."
Note that we are in Casa Grande AZ (just 50 miles from Alcor) from November to April inclusive and the other 6 months at Paul's legal residence in Ontario Canada.

David Wallace Croft said...

Thanks for taking this on, Max.

Mitchell said...